Africans, a rare gem

In the 60’s

When our strength and muscles

When our time and energy 

Were used to yield 

Thank God it ended in the 80’s
Oh! i could feel the aches in my bones 

The bruises and wounds

The piercings that hurt my spick-and-spin flesh

The lock in our mouth that says “no food for us” 
Oh! I remember the whips 

The scars that remain

The handful meal they fed us with

The cage that was our home
Our life time

Our potency 

Our horsepower 

To yield satisfactory coinage 

To effectuate creation

To innovate the world 
Despite the degradation

Our prowess 

Our finesse 

Made the world  


Be thou my road.

I cannot be filled with load,

Trauma, it will be

If i bear alone.

An agent of felicity

You are.

Bathe me with good fortune

That i may live in good tune.

Shall i go without thee?

I ask in my head

Never! I give a reply.

A brief life



I live a short life

I live to see my folks die as well

Because i am a chicken that wonders

A time for December

I quiver with fear

I see humans

I run

I see a knife

I get terrified

Because i am roaster

Every morning i crow

I wake the humans

Despite that they demand my meat

It’s tasty, they say

I live to die but i am not Jesus Christ

What else can i do

Than to sing in comic depression 

Hello people,  just a tale i wrote today about our beloved chickens πŸ˜‚. Who else will be eating chicken today? 

Happy Sunday. 

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Looking forward to see your expression of love and encouragment on my works

He that shrinksΒ 



Boarding the time of death soon

Lightening the darkness at night

A quest i am at twilight 

As fire sparks my wick, my birth, my tune

People seated on a bench in Cameroon 

Standing upright and gazing in fright

My tears, my fears, all in one night 

Time for my soul to quench, how soon

I am he that will shrink

My tears, my integrity, no gain

Which i stand on

“Where is he” at sunrise, they may think

Never to be tall again

My life span, gone!



I am no hue

I am neutral

I am beautiful to human skin

They say

Coal, zebras, penguins, pandas

They all possess me

Who else possesses my charisma

You, ending with a letter E

My nemesis

How vulnerable i am to you

Because of your vibrancy

You’re seen as an upper crust and i, a weenie

Resuscitating my pen on the white sheet?😱😱

Hey everyone, been a while…. I know i know 😞, been busy with some other projects I’m working on that’s why “kenslitepen” have seldom shown on your news feed, but i think from now I might write few poems that I’ll surely publish here. My love for poetry was rekindled when a lecturer of mine told me how he checks my blog and read my poems…! I was so thrilled😳, some persons also ask me when I would write next, didn’t know people read about me that much lolπŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜Š wooooow!. So in order to be better than i was because i really have a “big eye” for poetry I’ll keep writing, and writing, and writing, Have a nice dayπŸ‘πŸ‘‹

I still exist on here πŸ˜

Hey everyone, how are y’all doing? Trust you’re doing fine, “it has been a while ken’s being online here” some may say but for the records I’m always online here, it’s just that I get so occupied with school activities. As an aspiring economist, i learnt to use my time productively so publishing new poems will of course be seldom, though I write sometimes at my leisure hours but if anyone has a poetry contract for me I’ll be interested you knowπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜€. As i said earlier on, i am always online, i could be lurking and scrolling throughout but I’ll always reply to any comment or text, tata for nowπŸ‘‹