Delusions of the insane

With all the precious i see on the routes
A blessed route i call it
The normals choose to ignore
Free food but they don’t see what I see

Free shelter but they choose to disregard
My bed could be anywhere
My food could be everywhere
Made my anyone

And i am immune to being unwell
Unlike the normals
My heart bleeds in sympathy for them
They know not what they do

Indeed I’m blessed
Who really is insane?
My dirt have become a jest
But my dirt still remains my crest


Kenslitepen. πŸ’―πŸ‘Œ

Good day everyone, i guess my first ever article was a good one to be proud of 😁. Later this week, i will post a poem about the article that will be titled “DELUSIONS OF THE INSANE” . Stay in touch everyone πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Perplexity of the sane mind

Good day everyone, hope everyone’s doing good. I was deep in my thoughts today about a scenario not talked about at all or seldom thought of. Do insane people think they’re really insane or do they thing the people who think they’re sane are insane? Come to think of it, sane people on earth are the ones struggling to live life on earth in a comfy way with stress and worries which is absolutely not possibly compatible. The insane people are really taking the right opportunity that is invisible to the sane ones. They have shelter, food and clothing everywhere, who gives them these things? The sane people i guess. So, are the sane people actually hustling for the insane? Happiness could be said by some people to give life to the body, which is always the emotional state for insane people. Insane people could have realised that there’s an after life from earth and that everything you’ve worked for, your fame, your wealth, your possessions etc will be left behind when the world ends and would disappear into thin air , maybe that’s why they don’t take life serious at all because there’s no need fighting for thin air. Sane youths could search for respect and fear from people which the insane people naturally have. Marriage in the bible is described as more problem and worries to yours (1 Corinthians 7:28), maybe insane people know that that’s why they don’t bother to build a family.
I say this with my lips drawn to each ends…. Would you rather be insane?πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜€

I wana spice up my blog

After long thoughts, i have decided to add a content to my blog which is posting of articles. I realised that writing articles alongside poems will help me know my followers more because it would be quite opened and fitting for us to rob minds together aside from your beautiful comments about my poems.

Have a nice day everyone βœ‹

Happy anniversary to me πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‡πŸŽ†

Hi everyone, it feels good to write here again and i must say thank you to everyone that has encouraged me with the likes and comments I’ve received because i wouldn’t have been what i am today without you guys, every time i post a poem, the likes and comments i get on facebook, twitter and wordpress gives me more enthusiasm for poetry. I have written over 50 poems and posted about 30 on my blog and remembering that tells me how blessed i am with this gift. It’s my anniversary here on wordpress or should i say a year being a poet because exactly when i discovered this part of me i opened this blog and dedicated most of my time to it. I can’t forget the day this was unleashed, i wish i could rekindle that joy and excitment again, she told me what i was, she helped me discover the poet in me. Ini are you seeing this?  Ini is the one Another she encouraged me everytime i post a poem, she gives me a driving spirit for poetry, telling me of how she wish to write like me, she told me that she thought she was better but reading every poem of mine tells her that she has a long way to go. Sammy, sammy is the she. There’s also another she that made me beat my chest saying “i am the best if i could concentrate more and dedicate more of my time to poetry”. She helped me write my first classic poem, a petrarcan or Italian sonnet titled ” He that shrinks”, she told two highly sophisticated literature brains about the poem, they read it, and afterwards i was more trained in this by their critics and extol, she is Gracious by name. There’s also a He,  i know you guys might have been wondering “just (she)s ” πŸ˜‚he used to be my lecturer in school, he tells everyone in class of how beautiful my poems are, i never knew my lecturer took time to read my poems, he gave me encouraging words that bestowed honor on my shoulders, i wish i could thank him everyday. He is Mr Ozegbe David. Aside from these people, i say a big thank you to evryone that has been part of my training. 

PS: i don’t mean to bore you guys with too much words, but it’s my anniversary, history must be toldπŸ˜€πŸ˜ 

Africans, a rare gem

In the 60’s

When our strength and muscles

When our time and energy 

Were used to yield 

Thank God it ended in the 80’s
Oh! i could feel the aches in my bones 

The bruises and wounds

The piercings that hurt my spick-and-spin flesh

The lock in our mouth that says “no food for us” 
Oh! I remember the whips 

The scars that remain

The handful meal they fed us with

The cage that was our home
Our life time

Our potency 

Our horsepower 

To yield satisfactory coinage 

To effectuate creation

To innovate the world 
Despite the degradation

Our prowess 

Our finesse 

Made the world  


Be thou my road.

I cannot be filled with load,

Trauma, it will be

If i bear alone.

An agent of felicity

You are.

Bathe me with good fortune

That i may live in good tune.

Shall i go without thee?

I ask in my head

Never! I give a reply.

A brief life



I live a short life

I live to see my folks die as well

Because i am a chicken that wonders

A time for December

I quiver with fear

I see humans

I run

I see a knife

I get terrified

Because i am roaster

Every morning i crow

I wake the humans

Despite that they demand my meat

It’s tasty, they say

I live to die but i am not Jesus Christ

What else can i do

Than to sing in comic depression 

Hello people,  just a tale i wrote today about our beloved chickens πŸ˜‚. Who else will be eating chicken today? 

Happy Sunday. 

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