My heart ♥

When I am weak,

You’re strong,

I am asleep,

You’re awake,

My heart,

My heart.

You beat for us,

With no cost,

Robust, the way you work,

You’re like a beauty of opus.

You know what it will mean if you stop

O my days will end.

Until nature calls you.

You love me,

And i love you too,

But how can i show this if I am not you,

Only you can love,

Like you do.

Dreamt of you,

Went back to my dream to find you,

No tool, 

can work like you do.

purple butterfly gave me an inspiration to wirte this, thanks to her 

33 thoughts on “My heart ♥

  1. beautiful appreciation of our hearts. We must take care of our heart, thou it beats for free, we must not hold emotional pain or blockage as we make it weak, physically weak, we must not stay in stress for long, we clog the arteries, take care of your heart , cause a weak physical heart has a big impact on your life.

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  2. I just nominated you for the Bloggers Recognition Award. You don’t have to participate, I just wanted to show my appreciation.

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  3. You thank the person who nominated you. You answer the questions How I started my blog and What is my advice to new bloggers. Then you nominate a couple of other bloggers and they have to answer the same two questions.

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  4. You won’t believe what just happened, the reply i typed just wipe off, for a reason i don’t know f. I’m so frustrated it was about a thousand words. It was a post about the reply where i mentioned u and some other bloggers i just can’t retype that I’m sorry.

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  5. No apologies necessary! The same thing happened to me about two weeks ago. My replies and comments wouldn’t go through or they were erased. I had to contact WordPress.


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