My skin, my flesh


You stubborn part of me

I work hard for you,

If i don’t bathe you, 

You will reek,

If i don’t cream you,

You will artificially tell the whole world.

My flesh my skin,

The unsavory things you ask for,

The vicious things you desire,

The scenes you put me to,

Scene 1, scene 2,

All seen by my father.

My flesh my skin,

What good will it be to you if i sin?

But my father made us together,

To work together,

To live together,

Till you turn to dust,

Can you live saintly with me?

Oh no! I have lost my trust.

Keep me warm for another day,

My father formed you to be my better half, keep your itch away,

My father made you with me keep your cravings away.

You like what is bad, i like what is good,

How can we both live together in this cosmos?

But i will try,

Try with me,

And my father will be gratified.

sammy  Prompted me to post this when she posted “my flesh” previously. I urge y’all to check her blog and get fascinated reading her fictions and deep thoughts. Thank y’all for reading this.

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