The one on the wall

I have never left you, 

I never wish to, 

I never plan to, 

I love to mimic you. 

You ever feel lonely? 

Go to a dim light environment, 

Have a light pointed at you, 

And I’ll appear on the wall ready to listen to you. 

My shadow! 

Thank you for holding my hand in the dark, 

Thank you for your order you give  “speak, I’m listening”

Thank you for silencing my mind when it’s stubborn. 

When i first saw you, 

I got scared, 

“How are you possible”

I ask in my head, 

Then i realized, 

You’re just the one on the wall, 

You’re just a reflected dark me, 

You’re just a me that can’t speak. 

Oh! My dark friend 

Should i go ahead of you? 

Should i take an action without consulting you? 

I have suddenly forgotten, 

I can’t be faster than you, 

I can’t be faster than my shadow. 

This is just a fiction i planned on writing about, we all know we can’t talk to our shadow, but i wish i could.  How about you? 

18 thoughts on “The one on the wall

  1. Wonderful as usual. I never thought about talking to my shadow, but now that you ask, I would! My imagination runs wild now😄.

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  2. Nice one Ken. Whether we do it deliberately or not, sometimes in our lives we do follow shadow; and shadow itself don’t know where its going.

    Liked by 1 person

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