Broken reflection 

My promise to be a good girl, 

Cut out, 

My aspiration to be a people’s person, 

Null and void. 



Can’t you see what you show is killing me, 

“You might as well see my crummy attitude”

My biggest fear. 

My wicked scheme, 

I put him in jeopardy, 

Please always be my hero and remind me of who i am supposed to be, 

Because you feed me with the bitter truth, 

Well that’s alright, 

Because i hate the way i lied.  

Are you wondering what this is all about? Well, this is a story about a girl with a one of a kind attitude, kind, generous, faithful and all. But! She killed a friend, she lied against him in school to the principal because of the fear her school mate put her to (the big girls). He didn’t burn the principal’s office, they did. Now, he is expelled and she feels so bad for doing a vile thing. 


  enigma and i wrote on the same title, pls check her blog and view hers. 


19 thoughts on “Broken reflection 

  1. Wow Ken….you blew my mind on this one. I felt you were talking about me cuz i kind of identified myself in it. I havent killed anyone but ive lost myself and I feel like i aint the person i was before and it hurts. My favorite part is :
    “My promise to be a good girl,
    Cut out,
    My aspiration to be a people’s person,
    Null and void. ”
    You really touched me Ken. Thank you! I will add this poem to my collection and as usual I may write mine too. Great work.

    Liked by 1 person

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