She, a god

You would throw me up where i will no longer feel your arms, 

But i am not scared, 

You will catch me, 

You’re the first being i put my trust in, 

I smile, you smile, 

You are my crutches for 1-2 years,

Since i am crippled, 

You are my mouthpiece,

Since i am dumb, 

She, a god

When i was born, 

The only day you laughed when i cried, 

Each time i cry, 

The way you pamper me is like I’m being fed with my best cereal, 

bathed with warm water and a lullaby sung for me all at the same time. 

My mum, 

My best friend, 

If i can’t sleep, 

That’s not new to you, 

You also will not sleep. 

What a sacrifice. 

Where are you sending me to, 

I asked him, 

To earth,he replied, 

To whom? I asked further, 

A one of a kind woman, 

He replied, 

Well then, i can’t wait to call her mum, 

I decided. 

My mum, 

My hero, 

My nurse, 

My comforter, 

My 5 and 6,

My friend. 

47 thoughts on “She, a god

  1. Wow Ken…I thought I was good at writing poems but each time I read you, I feel like I’m just a starter and I need to learn so much from u. Thanks for this beautiful poem about mothers. They are really everything to us and are heaven sent. You just gave me the urge to go speak to my mum. Thank you very much Ken and good job!❤

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  2. Wow,ken..never knew you possessed such beauty in words…mothers are indeed everything we could ever ask God for….thanks for buttressing that fact,and for using us lol…feel so loved and honor,can’t wait for my daughter to start talking and tell me how much she loves me just like we do to our moms

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  3. Lol you should be very honoured, you both look so beautiful. I really loved the picture when i saw it, had to use it for something creative


  4. This is really beautiful, I just looked at my daughter and literally saw her saying all these, you’ve motivated and adored me. Thank you Ken

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  5. 25/04/2012 at 6:51 pmSpot on with this write-up, I really assume this website wants much more consideration. I’ll in all probability be once more to read rather more, thanks for that info. Log in to Reply

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  6. Hi Juli, this is very common, believe me and much of the reason I have a fairly anonymous blog. I've luckily got to the point now where I'm OK sharing quite a few things. But I agree with Sarah, it is good to keep some of yourself back from the blog arena. Do what you need to do for you. 🙂


  7. H, tvé názory nejsou z á v a d n é . Jde o jejich jiné atributy. Pokusím se ti to znovu vysvÄ›tlit soukromÄ›… slíbíš-li mi, že se poctivÄ› pokusíš seč jsi pomalu a postupnÄ› pÅ™ijímat mé rady a upozornÄ›ní. Další asi dvoustrannÄ›, aji tohle jsem jak vidím mÄ›l. No nic, zatím.OstatnÄ›, z hlediska formální logiky (a já su z brnÄ›nské FF, takže logika – ano?) není fakt, že nÄ›co ostatní Å¡est let pÅ™ijímají, nejen důkazem, leč ani indicií, že je to "správné". To jen nebenbei…


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