Her broken pieces.

This is a beautiful story from my dear friend sammy, please read and share your views

sprinkle of thoughts


Where is Jane?” I asked myself this question uncountable times. Jane is one of my bestfriends and though we were in different schools, we were always together. It was exam week and I hadn’t heard from her in a while and it’s usually not her type not to text or call me just to make some funny comments/jokes about everything.

dials her number…phone rings No one picks…dials again (goes to her voicemail)  Ok this is getting weird.

So I put on my coat after my last exam and I go to her place. I knocked but no answer. I always have her spare keys so I open the door.

Good Lord! This apartment is in shambles! Jane…where the hell are you?

Walking through her place feels like participating in a Total Wipe Out episode. I manage to make my way to her room. I knock…

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