Unluck me


At the first page of our story, 

The pages seemed so beautiful, 

But soon the days turned evil, 

I endured so much till i couldn’t anymore. 

I was like a beggar on the street begging for your love, 

Your “i love you” ,you never meant it, 

Your “yes” was your “no”

You should have made it clear to me that you never wanted this, 

But you lied, 

You lied and deceived me. 

I wish you know what kind of pain i feel to this very day,

The kind of pain that gets to my bones, 

The kind of pain that shred my heart to pieces, 

I feel so humiliated, 

I feel i was fooled, 

Each time i hear your name, 

Each time i hear your voice, 

Each time i see you, 

It’s like I’m drinking a glass of pain 

I put my whole in this relationship, 

None of me was left, 

All of me i gave, 

But i was never loved by you,

It was just you playing me, 

You should have told me that I’m not as important to you as you were to me. 

I lost you but somehow i found myself, 

I know i need someone to get me out of this cage of pain, 

Someone that holds the key, 

Someone i could lean on, 

Someone to unlock me. 

Hello everyone, is someone wondering what this is all about?  Well I’m just penning my muses, you should never show/tell someone you love them or care about them whilst you don’t, you may trap them in an emotional cage that could be so difficult to get out of when they finally find out that you never did. 

26 thoughts on “Unluck me

  1. This was just beautiful I saw so much of my last relationship in this.. I’m gonna reblog on my page.. Genius.. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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