I’m anxious 

Hey everyone, how are y’all doing?  Well it’s morning here so…  Goodmorning y’all. I just wana say some few things today on my blog, “every time it’s always a poem post” that which some may say lol. My sister’s wedding will be coming up on the 21st of this month which is tomorrow, I’m really excited and kinda anxious about it, you know why?  I told her that i would love to write a poem which I’ll post here on that day, and i also suggested i recite it, oh my! What was i thinking? 😱 i barely confront a crowd because i kinda have stage fright and I’m really shy though i still control it and try to man up sometimes, my hope and prayer now is that everyone who listens to it would love it,and wow guess what? My birthday is just around the corner (4th of February) I’m also anxious and excited and scared too because here in my country you tend to be beaten and have water poured on or splashed on because they believe that you need to cry again because you cried on the day you were born but for the water issue, i don’t know about that😂 crazy people right? 

Here is a picture of me, for some of y’all who don’t know how i do look like because that picture on my profile is too small 😁

32 thoughts on “I’m anxious 

  1. Congrats on your sisters wedding. I am sure your prom will be amazing yeah I tend to get stage fright to but I am also learning things that scare us can be good. 🙂

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  2. Congrats on your sis’ wedding.
    P.S. I went through the exact same thing when I promised my bestie I’ll recite a poem on her birthday, and it was unbelievably awkward.
    I regretted my decision, the moment I suggested it to her. But when I saw that huge smile on her face, I thought, it was more than worth it!!
    All the best though!!

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  3. All the best Ken! You’ll do great.☺Congratulations to your sister too. And have a happy birthday in advance. Why isn’t anyone talking about the picture? You’re a nice looking young man.lol

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  4. A fellow Aquarian 😉lovely to know a bit more about you, I hope you had a great day at your sisters wedding, I’m sure your poem will be fantastic. It’s my birthday on the 28 Jan, so pleased nobody will do anything to me especially as I will be 60! I can cry without pain 😉

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  5. Lol, the wedding is tomorrow, my friend’s birthday is on 28 of jan, I’ll surely remember to wish. I think that’s the least i can do for you ma’am 😊

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  6. Opps 😊 I sometimes think with the time difference I may have missed something, ok you will be great tomorrow ✨✨

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  7. Congrats on your sister’s wedding amd advance happy birthday. Looking forward to your “crazy” water birthday photo. Hope you post it. 🙂

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