You have fixed us so far from each other, 

You terminated our proximity, 

You tried to end the love we shared, 

You set us apart and made us believe its a part of life, 

You tried to put an end to our chemistry, 

Because of you i was led to the wrong direction by my emotion, 

A direction that caused me pain, 

I thought i met someone like her, 

I wanted to put to an end the loneliness and pain Distance put me through but rather i caused more. 

But the other day, we met because we made an arrangement to, 

Fate made it so because she had pity on us, 

But, so soon we departed, 

Here you come again Distance 

Haven’t you had enough of me? 

You’re playing a game on us, 

You think you’re winning? 

But you’re losing, 

Thanks to you we miss each other so much that we talk a lot more, 

Our love grows bigger, better, deeper and stronger. 

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