You called me in for a talk,

An apprehensible one, i thought,

You talked less but got closer to me more,

You shut the door,

You had the curtains closed up,

Suddenly my arms were underneath yours.

I could feel discomfort,

I suggested i left,

I went straight to the door,

But you dragged me back,

With your hands on my teeny-weeny waist,

I fell towards the bed with my head hitting the wall.

I passed out,

I woke up next thing to see myself tied to the bed from ends to ends,

I had no clothes on,

I was bare skinned.

You had your way with me,

You had satisfaction at climax,

All i could feel was an empty me

All i could see was a blur because my tears made me blind for a sec.

I screamed for help at the top of my voice but to no avail.

My mouth was sealed,

My mouth was taped with a “if you tell anyone” written on it ,

I wondered what this could mean,

Thereafter you brought a knife then i knew death would call if i did.

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