You claim you don’t need me but I’m like water, 

You try to bury me but you didn’t know I’m like a seed, 

You try to hide me but you didn’t know I’m never hidden from the sun, 

Everyone should tell of me because i bring peace, 

Though I’m bitter to the tongue, 

I bring justice. 

When you’re behind the bar, 

Speak of me, 

When you’re before high authorities, 

Speak of me, 

Don’t tell of my brother, 

He adds more to himself in your tongue till you’re doomed.

15 thoughts on “Truth

  1. Uh oh. Now you know these are going to be the death of me, right? I love Kahlua flavored anything. I just love Kahlua. In a glass. With ice. Super cold. With some cream. And now I&#7v18;2e lost my train of thought. Ha! I’ve pinned these to try the next time I need a sweet treat. Thanks for sharing the recipe!


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