A brief life



I live a short life

I live to see my folks die as well

Because i am a chicken that wonders

A time for December

I quiver with fear

I see humans

I run

I see a knife

I get terrified

Because i am roaster

Every morning i crow

I wake the humans

Despite that they demand my meat

It’s tasty, they say

I live to die but i am not Jesus Christ

What else can i do

Than to sing in comic depression 

Hello people,  just a tale i wrote today about our beloved chickens πŸ˜‚. Who else will be eating chicken today? 

Happy Sunday. 

13 thoughts on “A brief life

  1. I’m in school. No chicken for me. I’m sire reverse would be the case if I was home… Ugh… I miss chicken πŸ˜₯

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