In Gehenna with my pride

In a day called time, 

And a time that was day. 

I sat on him and pondered:

Reminiscing the role I’ve played being obtuse 

Remembering the conquering battle i had with bliss,

Because, in exorbitant extol, I exalt myself. 

I muse in misery in those memories, 

I ignored the chance to being humble, 

I gave a chance to water my pride, 

Now, it’s tall and firm, 

But with bad fruit it bear. 

In deep melancholy i have grown with my pride. 

Here I sit on its fribble branch, 

With my parlous, yet, an eye-opening  saw. 

32 thoughts on “In Gehenna with my pride

  1. Another fantastic poem. Well done, Ken!

    I would like to point out that the “it’s” should have been “its” in the line “Here i sit on it’s fribble branch”.

    Happy November to you!

    Liked by 1 person

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