The midnight experience (flash fiction) 

Fear stroke my heart when I heard a silent jump into my abode at exactly 2am. I took a quick glimpse around but nothing I see. Rather, I saw a shadow moving in slow toons on the fence. Quickly, I checked to see if Simba was settled somewhere, but, I didn’t see him. Then, I knew he too noticed what I noticed. I smiled in profuse joy when Simba chased the burglar right back over the fence. Before the midnight experience, I knew I was safe because, he is the buckler that made me understand that, as the night was blind, only he could be its eyes.

11 thoughts on “The midnight experience (flash fiction) 

  1. Very interesting story… The end is very poetic… This was a really good blend of your poetry and flash fiction… In a way it reminded me of Edgar Allan Poe… Not so much in subject, but structure and style.. Do you have a plan to do more?

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