My rainbow could be tomorrow (Spenserian sonnet) 

Again, I watched another pass me by

My faith drench, my spirit quench, 

Only me, just me, no one to comply. 

Though I sit with a stench. 
As my saline fluid drops, my eyes clench. 

My crayons; my only ally, 

My crayons are what I need to retrench, 

So, I must raise my voice to end my distress and to crucify. 
Unto myself I do not dignify, 

But in my class, I should rein. 

Sign the vow at the orphanage, though diss, but nullify. 

So my wails will not be in vain. 
My foster, my rainbow, 

I always drew my tomorrow. 

35 thoughts on “My rainbow could be tomorrow (Spenserian sonnet) 

  1. Truly an inspirational poem. 🙂

    “Hope is truly a magical wand. It turns our present harmonious with a glorious future.”

    Our dreams can become true with hope, smiles and determination.

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