32 thoughts on “Grown ups still want Santa (Haiku poem)Β 

  1. Hey Ken, great haiku, I can learn from you that is why i’ll stick around.
    But don’t hit my LIKE button for 10 or more posts just for doing so, I was writing back to other people and comment section suddenly got saturated.
    Nice piece of writing by the way, and Merry Christmas

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  2. Come on Ken…. My Christmas is a shitty one, excrept that I’m smoking more weed than normal, apart from that…forgot, keep hitting the LIKE button, tell you the truth I barely see the “statistics”, I’m my statistic
    since i’m cryptic
    on her
    for her
    inside or her
    fuck her

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  3. Lol, I hit the like button for your wonderful posts, like, they deserved more likes, I thought. I’ll certainly would love to learn from you too, that’s why I’ll stick around as well. Merry Christmas


  4. Your Christmas is, you say, “shitty”
    Look around and observe some with pity
    Your Christmas is, you say, with “weed”
    Many look around for what’s on to feed.

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  5. I will always expect Santa… even when I’m 90 and too tired to wake up too early! Happy holidays ☺️

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