My new abode

After another year came to an end, Kacy, as usual, found it so hard to take even a glimpse on my work of poetry. Even though she initially motivated me to begin, but she failed to keep the fire burning.  Some days later I got to know about a writers community where I could post my work, get features, awards, motivations etc.. I joined them and got all I needed to be the best I could ever be. Kacy noticed I stayed out late for days, knowing that I had no friends around, she asked me again when I was on the move “where are you heading to Kieran”, without looking back I shouted at the top of my voice “a community I now call home “, she responded “what community could that be”, “WordPress” I responded. 

PS. I would love to say a very big thank you to y’all because this community made me a better writer. Your encouragements, your likes, comments etc has been my engine so far. Thank you grandma, thank you Ambrose, thank you Deepika, thank you Ajibola sunday, thank you Bella, thank you kamal… I wish I could mention all my followers but they’re too many πŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜‰. Happy holidays everyone and a happy new year. 

Thank you WordPress. 

28 thoughts on “My new abode

  1. Oh Ken, this is wonderful. I loved your post and as Beckie says never ever give up on your passion to write. Keep on doing what you like and do let me know too which community are you talking about besides WordPress where you showcase your work cause even I have started writing short stories and would definitely want to post my stories. Thanks so much for including me too as one of your friends. Happy New Year to you and your family and have a great year ahead.

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  2. Same to you dear. I can see you post often now it’s holidays, I hope you’ll keep with that when school resumes, I gotta keep seeing good stuffs from you πŸ˜‰

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