Allen’s soliloquy 

Shall we not change the world like Michael inspired? 

It is no war; we want to love, 

Some offer greed, some, envy, 

But what I have to offer is charity. 

Is not my own divine? 

These I say; a plea role I play. 

Renovate our home so there won’t be an end me or ye. 

The creator put us here to make an abode, 

An abode of dignity to share, 

Not one of dignity that’s sheer. 

Should there be a diaspora between me and the mob? 

But as it is, there is no place like home and no mortal is an island. 

O! To me, it is like a die in “must”

But to live, I can. 

Therein, I utter my say:

This is a mad war, 

This is a mad world, 

This is a mad house. 

I will muse no more. 

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