Another liebster awardย 

Hello everyone, I guees y’all are doing fine. This is about my 10th award I’m receiving for my work of poetry on WordPress. I’m so honoured to receive this particular award because I’m the only Nigerian amongst 4 Indians to be nominated. I thank Sneha prekash aka Sporadic poet for nominating me. I love her motivations and poems too, all contained in her blog, check her out. According to the award’s nature, I had to thank the person that nominated me, display the award’s picture on my blog and list 10 random things about myself. This also should be done by my nominees. 

10 random things about me

  1.  I love meeting new people 
  2. I love motivating people
  3. I am a poet by nature, ecomomist by choice 
  4. I love trap, rap and R&B music
  5. I hate rats
  6. I love dogs
  7. I don’t have a favourite meal
  8. I love bread, especially when it’s soft 
  9. I love who I become everyday 
  10. I love polite people 

I nominate 



Grandma Rose



Believe me, I would have tagged everyone if I had the time to and of course, if there were no limitations given 

I was asked these two questions 

  1. What makes you different from others 

Well, no one is and will ever be me, I’m the only one that is and will ever be. 

2.Which super power do you wish to have and why 
I’d go for the ability to read people’s mind, in that way, barely would I fall victim to whatever bad is coming. Plus, I can’t fail any exam or test ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

So now, to my nominees here are my questions for you. 

  1. What would you consider as the most embarrassing moment of your life
  2. If you were a bird, who would you shit on ๐Ÿ˜‚

The redeemerย 

In the midst of the revolting path, 

In the shadows that dim my light, 

When my hair turned grey, 

Like the glowing ember. 

And my patient time departed, 

Like the morning dew. 

The ones that I have once called mine, 

The ones that I put at heart, but broke it, 

But when I looked into your eyes aesthetically, 

My light shined again, 

My hair turned black. 

The path that I called revolting, neglected. 

Then I knew you’re the one. 

Please don’t just like, help Ken ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ™

Hey everyone, good day to y’all. I am glad to communicate with y’all today again. As you all know, I published a flash fiction on Thursday as promised, I hope everyone liked it. I felt fascinated because little did I know I could write a flash fiction, I guess there’s more to every talent I haven’t yet discovered about myself. So, lets skip that part and get to the real thing, I want to also develop my profile on Wattpad as I am currently doing so on WordPress. There, also, will be a poetry filled book. The challenge I have is how to gain followers, audience, readers etc, that, I find very difficult to achieve because I am not as familiar to that community as I am here. I need your help or tips on anyway possible I could grow my profile on Wattpad. My handle there is @ken_oime. 

The midnight experience (flash fiction)ย 

Fear stroke my heart when I heard a silent jump into my abode at exactly 2am. I took a quick glimpse around but nothing I see. Rather, I saw a shadow moving in slow toons on the fence. Quickly, I checked to see if Simba was settled somewhere, but, I didn’t see him. Then, I knew he too noticed what I noticed. I smiled in profuse joy when Simba chased the burglar right back over the fence. Before the midnight experience, I knew I was safe because, he is the buckler that made me understand that, as the night was blind, only he could be its eyes.

Fictions on kenslitepen blog ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Hello everyone and a good day to y’all, i hope everyone’s day went well and for those who are at the middle of the day, i hope yours is going well. 

It feels good to write an informative message to y’all, you know, as usual i just post a poem and interact with everyone on the comment box. So, here’s the thing, last month i introduced articles to my blog aside poetry and today I’m intorducing fictions, these recent introductions is to make me a better writer and have an interesting and captivating blog, i hope you guys love my idea. Tomorrow I’ll post the fiction i composed today, it’s a flash friction though. See you guys soon

Good characterย 

Her character, she had to train

But money, fame, she tried to attain
With a dull mind, she assumed 

With false actions, she presumed 
On her own she lived

For a while she believed
Another will come her way

Another will come to stay
But deep down she knows all

Her new fate will be in flaw

Dear, dare not linger

My wailing waves of nostalgia sweeps my joy away. 

Thrillingly i push with pressure, 

But hold on to the ecstasy i leave, 

When i hug your dotted skin. 
I try to keep the volume low, 

But my tensed syllable still speaks. 

To shuttle to and fro is my calling, 

And a call i am indebted to answer. 
In deep shivering faith, 

I hope to break the bounded sea shore, 

I hope to embrace the warmth, 

Of your shaggy skin. 
But for as long as you acclaim me, 

I will remain strong, 

Even when nature calls, 

My swirling surfs will still roar.