Late night fantasy

From my heart,
I let loose
My bottled up grief
For a revival on the deceased;
My pals and folks.
After the event of the night,
To myself,
I promised;
Not to fantasize
But my art is a cheer to my soul,
So I must fantasize,
And revive our lost memory.
The event of the night.

Pokey passenger

I’m from the East-west coast,
I’m hailing, although my shy nature be,
When the clouds sign-in rain,
My vicinity becomes forest.

Halt! When I come through,
I am only a passenger at the seashore.

Be thou
Who forms my twin,
“My earnest protector”
My true back bone.

Halt! When I come through,
I am only a passenger at the seashore.

My defence finesse puts me in a jaw dropping gesture;
My pointy windows go in
At the touch of a human finger,
And my body folds in, at pace
Faster, when I splint.

I say! Don’t be amazed at my speed,
I am only a passenger at the seashore.

Sonya’s soliloquy

Judging from the rainbow memo that I once saw,
“A jolly joy to embrace”
At my “ship” to sail in “relation” to intimacy.
But rather,
My inevitable tear that I wear,
At the pallet of my chin,
Cued me of my cursed fortune.
“To be rejected, to be jilted”.

Charlie’s fuss (petrarchan sonnet)

Again, a pale at the glimpse of Charlie’s fantasy,
Induces saline fluids in pace,
A “hallow” and apace.
Within his thoughts lie an antonym piracy,
But it seems like a fallacy.
As his muse passes his face,
His guts hide and erase.

“Fund” was a hindrance,
An unsolicited guest,
It lead to his dexterity impotence.
Like an ambiance,
The challenge was an infest,
Though, his success and failure would be a compatible alliance.

Allen’s soliloquyΒ 

Shall we not change the world like Michael inspired? 

It is no war; we want to love, 

Some offer greed, some, envy, 

But what I have to offer is charity. 

Is not my own divine? 

These I say; a plea role I play. 

Renovate our home so there won’t be an end me or ye. 

The creator put us here to make an abode, 

An abode of dignity to share, 

Not one of dignity that’s sheer. 

Should there be a diaspora between me and the mob? 

But as it is, there is no place like home and no mortal is an island. 

O! To me, it is like a die in “must”

But to live, I can. 

Therein, I utter my say:

This is a mad war, 

This is a mad world, 

This is a mad house. 

I will muse no more. 

My twist quest to find my dear


At dawn, with no lingering gesture, 

I will dash off to find thee, 

In an early voyage. 

Though no food nor water, 

But I do not mind. 


At noon, with no lingering gesture, 

I will pace off and find thee, 

Though a failure I was at dawn, 

But I will not mind. 
At dusk, with no lingering gesture, 

I will run to find thee, 

Though, thorns on ground, 

But I will not mind. 
In my circle, they asked,

“Thee” that ye finds, will ye find thee? 

“Why search for such a dear?”

In my circle, I addressed, 

“That special one, keeps me beating”

How to defeat death ( Death’s princple)Β 

Before I begin, I urge you to carefully read through with scrutiny and be prepared less for critiques. If you feel you may be distracted, don’t read now, you can save this post for later, because information that rekindles the mind is about to be affirmed. Many of us have also thought that death is invisible, we sometimes think that death has always had the best of us because we grieve when death takes away someone will love, we sometimes think that death always win. But I wrote this to let you know that death can only win if we let it. As the Bible say, “after death is judgment”, we don’t even know how we will be judged when we die. I had this dream sometime ago that clearly states how God Almighty will judge us when we die. The dream explained that our judgement and decision is on where we are to be (heaven or hell) is weighed by our deeds. If your good deeds on earth is more than your bad deeds, then, heaven for you, but if your bad deeds exceeds your good deeds, then, hell for you. Some might not see sense is this because we’ve got many atheist around us. But, even as an atheist, don’t you feel happy when you show kindness to someone?, don’t you sometimes get goose bumps when you realize you’ve been of such great help to somebody?. Now, that’s exactly how we can defeat death. 

I’m going to speak from two sides, viz; a Christian/Muslim and an atheist.

 A christian may think that death may come from the Lord or the devil but approved by God, because anything that occurs on earth has been assented by God. If death comes from God, that possibly implies many things but one of them could be that, He wants you to come home and rest because of how kind, loving, generous and obedient you’ve been in this wicked world. The devil, on the other hand is a roaring lion seeking for whom to devour, he may want to hurt you and the ones you love by sending death to steal your joy. He may sometimes think that he is the smartest creature that was created but might even end up being the most foolish. Death is just like an errand boy that has no love or hatred for anyone which the devil uses to inflict pain on the righteous. If the deceased is a kind, loving, faithful, obedient and generous person, you should ease your mind because life after death on such person may be fair. God always told us in the Bible that we should be generous and loving and even said the only way we could give to Him is if we give to the poor and needy. No matter how poor you are there’s someone around you that is poorer and is in desperate need of your help, even if the person doesn’t ask for help, the Bible says we should give. The Bible says that we have all sinned against God, so, how will God judge a righteous person that sinned and didn’t ask for forgiveness before death came? Pass on good deeds so that when you exit earth you’ll know the measure of your judgement because the Bible says that the measure you use for others is the one that God will use for you. 

Now, in content to the atheist. I know of an atheist that told me that he doesn’t beleive there’s heaven or hell, he described even God as a myth. But, when you die, how do people tell about you? Were you kind? Were you generous? Were you loving? These questions matter. As we all know that, there’s so many assumption of life after death, even, all these I’ve said is even an assumption that may be true. But, there’s this feeling of happiness we get when we show kindness to the needy. 

I stand on a concrete ground to tell you all that my friend who passed away defeated death. 
In conclusion, I leave y’all with these; 

  1. The life you live is not yours
  2. The measure of deeds you pass on to someone, is the same measure you’ll receive
  3. If you build yourself for yourself you build for nothing
  4. Heaven doesn’t value what you have but what you give
  5. Death can take you but not your deeds
  6. Live everyday like it’s your last

My new abode

After another year came to an end, Kacy, as usual, found it so hard to take even a glimpse on my work of poetry. Even though she initially motivated me to begin, but she failed to keep the fire burning.  Some days later I got to know about a writers community where I could post my work, get features, awards, motivations etc.. I joined them and got all I needed to be the best I could ever be. Kacy noticed I stayed out late for days, knowing that I had no friends around, she asked me again when I was on the move “where are you heading to Kieran”, without looking back I shouted at the top of my voice “a community I now call home “, she responded “what community could that be”, “WordPress” I responded. 

PS. I would love to say a very big thank you to y’all because this community made me a better writer. Your encouragements, your likes, comments etc has been my engine so far. Thank you grandma, thank you Ambrose, thank you Deepika, thank you Ajibola sunday, thank you Bella, thank you kamal… I wish I could mention all my followers but they’re too many πŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜‰. Happy holidays everyone and a happy new year. 

Thank you WordPress.