Foot mat

With blistering steps of human stamps
with a rambling walk into a room
I stand as an inevitable prerequisite

Instead of pats of love
Rather, pats of dust
I was made for this i know
But not with stamps of shoes but human feet

Within months i will wear out
With a solemn welcome i offer to you before you go in
Will you ever say a goodbye to me before you go out

For hiding the truths with tiring lies
I am on my own to frazzle
Through out my life span, the door post Is where i call home 

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I want out

I was quickly attached  to you,

Not knowing who you really are,

You have to leave,

That is not the end of me,

Just the end of your part in my life.

I was willing to do anything to keep you, But time proved that i was wrong for holding on.

You maltreated me,

You treated me ordinarily,

I treated you extraordinarily,

That is why i want out,

That is why i call it off,

That is why i have to cut you out.

Two to tangle

I can’t skip it,

Not without you,

I can’t deny it,

For a short period you have become part of me.

I know you’re somewhere out there,

I need your help,

I need your company,

How can i get to you in this primitive society?

The moon,

A satellite,

Where is Amanda,

Where is my missing rib,

This is how it has always been,

Me, talking to the moon.

It’s illness when it’s “i”

But wellness when it’s “we”

I know they may think i am crazy,

But they don’t understand,

I must find you,

I must locate you,

Because it’s easy when there’s two to tangle.


Drop the lash

I have been kind,

I have been a blessing,

I have been a wonder woman,

Drop the lash.

You asked for coupling,

I gave you more,

You asked for a house,

I gave you a home,

You were staving,

I gave you food.

You keep tearing me apart,

I can’t take anymore,

Remember those walls we’ve built,

Don’t turn them down.


You know your heart skips when you see me,

You do remember how we spend times together?

I don’t ask for much,

It was never my intention,

I never meant to blench,

I never meant to cheat.

Once more remember a time in September how our veins yoke to each other,

How our heart correlates with one another,

What an ecstasy it used to be,

I miss the moments,

I miss the chemistry,

I miss you.


We had a cool hello,

But a sad goodbye,

Can you come back to me even if it’s slow?


You claim you don’t need me but I’m like water, 

You try to bury me but you didn’t know I’m like a seed, 

You try to hide me but you didn’t know I’m never hidden from the sun, 

Everyone should tell of me because i bring peace, 

Though I’m bitter to the tongue, 

I bring justice. 

When you’re behind the bar, 

Speak of me, 

When you’re before high authorities, 

Speak of me, 

Don’t tell of my brother, 

He adds more to himself in your tongue till you’re doomed.

I am not mine

The cry of my baby,

I rush to pamper him,

I rush to feed him,

I rush to sing him a lullaby.

I am not mine.

My home is unkept,

My home is in a mess,

My home is untidy,

But my baby boy is in need of me,

I am not mine.

It’s almost time until my husband wakes up and leave for work,

I have to make him breakfast,

I am not done ironing his cloth,

But my crying baby,

My messy home,

I am not mine.


I heard of this world from where i come from,

Please give me a chance to explore,

I have longed to walk on this soil,

Please let me accomplish my dream.

O my mother mine,

For you were not persecuted by thy mother,

I will be punctured,

I will be torn apart,

My new bones will be broken,

My spick-and-span flesh ripped off.

I can’t voice out my distress,

For i am dumb,

But i speak with a heavy heart,

I don’t understand any language yet,

For i am deaf,

But when i heard “ABORTION”

I understood clearly because that’s the only reason i can cry in your belly.