Discard the blunt


Should i light up this blunt and say a bye bye to my pain? 

Should i smoke away my distress and make them fade away like smoke? 

Should i smoke away my worries and clear them away like ashes? 

My worries and adversaries, 

Everyday one bites me, 

I need an elastic heart, 

I need to stretch the emotions away rather than smoking them away, 

It’s 3am,

You’re asleep, 

I’m awake, 

That’s how it has always been. 

Hey everyone, i hope y’all are doing fine. 

Would you rather smoke and let your pain go away? Or would you tell God your problems and believe He will make a change, He actually stated that everyday will have it’s problem and worries(matthew 6:34). Remember it’s only for that moment, smoking causes cancer, shortens the life span and apparently smoking does no good to you. I hope this is powerful enough to cause a change in someone’s life, thank y’all for reading. Bye! 

12 thoughts on “Discard the blunt

  1. I think that smoking is not the solution to every problem. There are many more beautiful things which are still unnoticed in this world. Observe them, feel them, and fill your life with happiness and joy….

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  2. Great words Ken and as you rightly said keep your faith in Him and not in smoking cause smoking will not get you anywhere but all full of problems. Loved your poem and the portrayed pic was so perfect too.

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