The drummer’s crave

In Nature’s piece still I see
No error that amends be.
My fair love,
Was framed by the motility of her hips
And flattened belly,
Setting my eyes ablaze
When motions be,
At the beat of my drum.
Had Nature, that made me, made her?
Because the errors in my being
Is far from perfection,
if a line is drawn.
I confess, I cannot spare,
The urge to stare at the glamourous shape we call “8”
My confession had me beg for another beauty
That heaven may bring
Because she had too much divinity for me.

7 thoughts on “The drummer’s crave

  1. Wow. This us such an exclusive piece. Each words comes to live, and paints an imaginary picture in mind.
    Message well conveyed having a subtle and appealing rythmic flow.
    I’m so inspired. Thanks for sharing


  2. Thank you for your beautiful comment, I should be publishing another today or tomorrow, please stay in touchπŸ˜†πŸ˜


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