Foe in disguise 

I told you all my secrets, 

I went undercover, 

But you went overt for me, 

I had no one to tell my problems to, 

Yes! I have found someone, 

Oh no! I thought wrong. 

I thought you were a friend, 

I thought i was dear to you, 

I thought my secrets were safe with you, 

Oh, i thought. 

I thought I could trust you, 

I thought only two ears would hear all these i told you, 

But no! 

You’re just an image of treachery,

You’re just an image of perfidy, 

You’re just an image of betrayal, 

You’re just a foe in disguise. 

12 thoughts on “Foe in disguise 

  1. Yeah! It’s the worst, actually.
    Someone, whom I entrusted with every secret of mine, just did something so pathetic, that I started doubting my other friends, and now I’m in a mess. Anywhoo, in starting to get out of it.

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